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I understand that you mean that all years of axles fit all years cars. However, I don’t understand the last part about transmission type. Do you mean that MT axles also fit CVT cars and vice versa or do you mean that any year MT axle fits and year MT car (and same for CVT axle/car)?
No they're not
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Hello guys, I am from England. Two weeks ago my driveshaft was broke. From two weeks I searching everyday this part (in every parts shop, scrapyard, groups, mechanics, eBay, marketplace) and I found nothing. I was thinking about buy aftermarket axle from U.S.A - the cost of it it's not expensive (about 200$) but another 200 for delivery to UK. I will start holidays 20 August and I was thinking about big trip with my Z but situation with driveshafts on the internet is so bad. I am interested in used one, new one, original, aftermarket - just something. Anyone can help me with that?
What is the drive train?
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