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Revealed: Launch Film For Honda’s New Sporty Hybrid, The CR-Z

The advertising for Honda’s new model, sporty hybrid the CR-Z has ramped up a notch with the revealing of the launch film for the car commissioned by Honda Motor Europe and created by London-based Gaucho Productions.

The film debuted at the international press launch of the CR-Z, and will be used for press and marketing across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Here’s the marketing speak bit about the film: ‘the narrative describes an epic journey that begins at dawn and continues through the night, during which the viewer’s perception of reality is challenged by a fantastic mix of smoke, mirrors and laser light.’

Directed by Ben Hume-Paton and produced by Kwok Yau, the film was shot over a day and two nights in southern Spain. Hume-Paton exploited a mix of HD cameras, including the Red Camera, to give the film its unusual look, while the team built mirrors and used high-powered lasers to create the special effects. Additional light trails and three-dimensional graphics were then added in London, England, together with a specially commissioned musical score.

Gaucho also produced a comprehensive B-roll package for the Honda CR-Z, including both studio and on-location high definition footage.

Alistair Weaver, managing director, Gaucho Productions: “The unusual concept of a stylish, sporty hybrid offered us a great opportunity to push the boundaries. Although this is a fantasy drive we wanted to make it look as real as possible, which meant creating our own laser light show on the Spanish coast. The Honda CR-Z is a fun, engaging car and we’re confident we’ve captured its unique spirit in a film that challenges and entertains.”

Laura Price, social media manager, Honda Motor Europe: “Gaucho have now produced a series of launch films for us and we’re always impressed by their creativity, dedication and attention to detail. They’re great to work with and it’s always a delight to arrive on set and see our latest creation take shape. The CR-Z is a very important car for Honda and this film communicates our core messages in a stylish, innovative and successful way.”

The Honda CR-Z is available with a choice of three trim levels and is available to order now.

Video Found At: Revealed: Launch film for Honda’s new sporty hybrid, the CR-Z
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