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Report: Honda mulling CR-Z convertible?

According to Road & Track, Honda may have its heart set on cranking out a new droptop sports car to keep the brand alive in the hearts and minds of enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the new racer isn't likely to be anything like the much-loved S2000. No, instead, R&T's sources point to a convertible version of the CR-Z. The recipe calls for the platform to retain its front-wheel-drive layout, though a more powerful drivetrain would likely be fitted to lug around the additional weight of bracing and a folding top.

We've heard worse ideas, but we can't remember when.

If the car made it to production, it would theoretically go toe to toe with the long-reigning Mazda MX-5 in a battle that we can only assume would be over before either car got to the track. Should the CR-Z-based car prove successful, Honda would then look into building a more potent, rear-wheel drive hybrid sports car. You know, what the CR-Z should have been all along.

Road & Track has worked up a rendering, and the curious/stout of stomach can check it out over at their site.

Report: Honda mulling CR-Z convertible? — Autoblog

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