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Replacing Lower Control Arms in 2011 Z

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Hey friends - this is my second time posting here and I have a question about replacing the control arms in the CRZ.

Lately, my car has been making a weird rattling noise under the front of the car, I can hear (and feel it) especially when I go over bumps or uneven road, and I'm pretty sure it's the ball joint since it hasn't been replaced at all and is the original (I am currently at 178,000 miles right now). I haven't tested out if it is my ball joints but I'm almost positive it is. I know that Honda fused the control arm and ball joint together so I have to replace both (ugh). My question is, how the hell do it do it?

I have replaced my rotors and brake pads myself and it was pretty easy/self explanatory (this is my first time doing any work on a car. Ive also had to replace my drivers side door handle and that was easy but annoying lol). A YouTube video helped me figure it out but I can't find anything about the control arms or how to replace them. I've also tried finding the Factory Service Manual for the Z but haven't found any working links.

Soooo does anyone have any advice or tips? I'm cheap and want to replace them myself because I'm fairly certain I can do it and then get an alignment after. Also, any suggestions on where to buy the parts? I've seen a lot vary in price. Thank you!!! :cool:
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Are the strut mounts something I can replace or is it a part of the whole strut?

(Stock suspension)
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