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Hey I live in tulsa, oklahoma, and I have all the wires amp and sub and deck to make my car work and i have hooked it up all correctly and i was wondering if any cr z guys have ran into the fuse blowing issue when u connect all and turn on car to see if works?

Mine blew a fuse to where i dont have the taillights for dark driving. been told improper ground used but had ground wire to metal. i have all the wires hooked up and setup in the car just i dont know why it wont work and what i need to do bec from here the cr z hybrid can have a sound system but im having issues big time.

please help. i dont come on here and would like someone that would help me but i have to take my car to dealer to replace fuse though. heres email [email protected]
take out the radio head unit and make sure ALL loose wires are capped off and not exposed - there could be a wire touching the metal mounting plate in the radio area - cause the power flow to ground out and pop a breaker - my tail lights was the one that blew too...
once you've checked all the wires behind the head unit, maybe check all your positive and negative wire connections to the amps - its possible you have the positive flowing wire going into the negative connection in the amp...couldn't hurt to double check - try that out and let us know if that fixes the problem need to go to the dealer to spend $100 for them to replace a fuse...go to advanced auto parts (or any car store) and get a box of multi fuses...ours take the mini sized fuses - remove the small panel by your knee closest to the driver side door (when sitting in the driver seat) this is to the fuse box - on the back of the cover is a cheat sheet for what the fuses all go - the one you're looking for is a 10A, 4th column over and like 3rd row up from bottom.
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