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The only downside I see to the CRZ is parts scarcity will rear its ugly head. For now almost every part I couldnt get through say hondapartsnow, I was able to get brand new ordering direct to japan but my guess is that due to the numbers parts will dry out quickly and we will end up like the G1 Honda Insight guys fabricating and buying every parts car they can get their hands on (actually more common on there then I thought). Versus an accord or civic where parts issues arent as common. Having a 2016 I bought used and began restoring every part that was worn, the center arm rest was my awakening moment to parts being an issue. A reminder if hondapartsnow shows it as discontinued, so far direct japan ordering has been succesful.
About the center arm rest. I did find this knockoff on Amazon. No idea of it's quality and it takes forever to ship.

1 - 2 of 35 Posts