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Honda dealerships on the internet sell all the OEM parts at discounted prices, and I've seen the OEM bumper cover (unpainted) identified and priced on their parts identification diagram. To minimize work on your CR-Z paint, I'd remove your old bumper cover, and let a reputable body shop match the new paint to it, then you'd reinstall it yourself. Bumper cover removal and installation can be found on the Honda How-To Video for installation of the rear splash guards. If you leave the entire car at the body shop, they'd probably install the new bumper first then blend the paint into the the rear fenders (more aftermarket work). Then again maybe painting only the bumper cover will not work without paint blending despite 'break-lines' at the bumper-fender, hatch lid and tail-lights. I'd replaced an OEM factory pre-painted door handle on my old Del Sol, where ordering Honda OEM door handles and side mirrors need the body colors specified, and they're all pre-painted. The black paint matched perfectly despite a six year age difference. Another concern is that warning to keep the 'baking' temperature below 150 degrees F to prevent damage to the batteries.
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