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So, WE bought a 2011 CRZ brand new back in the summer of 2011. Loved the car. Drove it 165K and traded it in on a new car in March 2022. Had trade-in regret ever since. For the last six months, I have searched for the car. Last weekend, a google search turned up a CRZ matching my search about two hours away. Looked at the listing, and there she was! I had put a distinctive badge on her rear bumper above the Hybrid badge, and that was my first clue. Proceded to match the VIN and knew I had found my old car. A few days later, and more money than I wanted to pay, she's mine again and back in the garage. She only had 7K miles put on her in the last year and was taken as good of care as I had taken care of her. We've now decided to fully restore her over the next few years - all the minor dings and scratches, new gaskets along the windows (they either rotted or someone tried to break into the car,) new leather seat covers or seats, the works. So I wanted to say hello, again!


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That's quite the story. Welcome back!!
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Congratulations on reuniting with your car! We have had ours since 2012 and although we have considered trading her in for a new car we have never followed through. She is still ours and enjoys her remaining life with us here on Maui
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I’m stoked you found your beloved little car and managed to buy her back—what a great story (do I have a tear in my eye? YES)

Mine is a 2013 which I bought new in Nov. 2013 and have gone as far as listing it for sale and turning down offers. Loaned it out to family from December to April and gritted my teeth the whole time…they curbed two tires and one wheel and there is a clip missing from the right front bumper fender well…and they hardly drove it. Wanted to discuss buying it but it’s my daily driver and I’m stoked to keep restoring and driving it.
Again…Congrats on getting yours back. Still teared up for you!
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