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Production CR-Z 'won't change'

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Production CR-Z 'won't change'

The Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe will look very similar to the concept car, according to the Japanese manufacturer’s design chiefs.

Following this week's Tokyo motor show Nobuki Ebisawa, Honda’s general manager of global design, admitted that the concept version of the CR-Z that appeared at the on Honda’s stand was, in fact, a very thinly veiled version of the production-ready model set to make its public debut at the Detroit motor show, in January.

Changes to improve the aerodynamics, handlng and interior space have all been carried out since the CR-V’s original conception, in 2007, at the hands of designer Motoaki Minowa.

Ebisawa revealed that among the main changes were less inward sloping side windows and a higher roof, to create more headroom, a shorter wheelbase to aid agility, and a longer front overhang with a more tapered front end. This brings reduced drag and also increases the CR-V’s performance in pedestrian crash tests.

When asked whether the CR-Z’s open-mouthed grille indicated a new family image for the Honda range, however, Ebisawa stated that the bold new face would be strictly reserved for future sporty variants and would not find its way onto more mainstream models.

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