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Primary use of your new CRZ!!!?

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I'll be using mine as my 'sports car'. Drive it on the sunny/hot days in the summer. It will be a garage queen when it rains and when winter comes.

What about everyone else?
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Daily driver here. Hopefully it will be good for winters :p
Daily driver everyday of the year. Gonna be my only car, but what an awesome one!!
Plan on driving it year round. Don't have crazy winters down here, like snow :lol: Will have a beater for those days I don't feel like driving it.
How driveable will this car be in winter?? Any guesses?
I'm a real estate photographer and drive from house to house all day long. Having only 2 seats is not an issue for me and the back looks like it would be just fine for my camera gear. Although I would be worried about wearing out the back hatch shocks or the latch since I would open and close it several times a day. My Ford Focus (piece of poop) went through 3 latches in 1 year. My RAV4 back door is now showing signs of wear so we shall see.
Possible daily driver here but I'm not sure if I can deal with only a 2 seater car. Would really depend on how much trunk / storage space there is.
How driveable will this car be in winter?? Any guesses?
From whats been released it won't be overly powerful so probably fairly easy to drive in winter. Pretty sure you will need winter tires though.
Really depends on the winter.....are we talking a ton of snow, or snow once a year, or freezing rain??
Sounds easier just to park the car and drive a truck for winter. That way no rust on the sexy body from salted roads.
I'd have buyers remorse if I bought a $25000 sports car and had to park it 4 months of the year
Not to mention some people just can't afford a second car!!!
I'm guessing this will be a very safe and easy car to drive in the winter. Just be smart and put on some good winter tires and you should have no issues.
Where are you guys living that you have crazy winters?? You guys get a ton of snow or something?

I'm lucky if we see 2 or 3 days of freezing rain a year down here.
I'm more scared of freezing rain, than a really compacted snowy day. Where I live, we get enough snow + winter to get a good winter driving car + snow tires.

We are supposed to get snow this week (won't stay) but still :blink:
If you feel safe in a Civic or Accord in winter w/ winter tires then you will have no worries in the CRZ Nemesis.
Does anyone currently have winter tires on their current ride?? What brand do you use and how do you like them??

I have Dunlop Winter Sport 3D's on my car currently and love them. Make a big difference over all season tires. Well worth the price.
Winter tires? I use my tires till the belts start showing. I think I have about an 1/8 of an inch to go. If I think I'm going to get stuck I put the chains on. I don't know what the brand of the chains are but they sure work good.
Don't think chains are legal everywhere

I've yet to use em
I use the bridgestone blizzak tires and they work great. After one year of doing all weather tires I will always replace mine now and then take them back off in the spring.
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