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manual says 87 or higher on the crz. So I went premium. I feel happier putting in richer fuel. Maybe its in my head, but in the end, i feel better at when i go to sleep. Actually, on the lude it said premium only. Ill always put higher then it says if i can, but never lower. What's the point? But, actually, i filled the crz today. Only 25 bucks on premium, vs my usual 32 on the prelude. 7 bucks saved already. I'm loving it everytime i start it up and go! Gosh, pretty zippy. I was passing someone in sport omw from work. I was in 6th, then dropped to 3rd and that thing went! Put a smile. And come to think its only a 1.5 liter! *lol* :thumbsup: I think I'm getting the hang of this. When to use the modes I mean.
Not trying to be a dick, but you should really research how octane effects the burn. The higher the octane, the slower it is to burn. You're going to get more carbon buildup on the valves with higher octane.
And it can reduce performance if it's not needed. :hi5:
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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