For sale I have RB1 intake manifolds and RB1 camshafts and rocker sets from GE8 Honda Fit L15A7 engines. Please send me a PM to buy!

RB1 intake is a known upgrade for the CR-Z 5hp or so. The RB1 camshaft is an easy upgrade and with the RB1 intake is good for 10-15hp. The intake + cam together bring the CR-Z engine up to the same hardware as the GE8 Fit (117hp stock).

With this camshaft the engine pulls strong all the way to 7000 RPM it does not peter out at 6500. Also the low end is much improved, better acceleration and easier cruising on the highway. All around better! Same MPG as long as you drive the same.

The intake can be installed on a stock car but in order to use the cam you need at minimum a tunable ECU. If you already have a tunable ECU then the cam is a great upgrade! Check out this video on how to install. Most DIY mechanics could install the cam in an hour or two:

RB1 Intake: $200 + shipping

RB1 Camshaft and Rocker set: $255 + shipping

RB1 Intake + RB1 Camshaft and Rocker set: $305 + shipping

Thanks for looking please let me know if you have any questions.

You can see my experience installing one of these cams in my engine in my thread here: My Everyday Driver CR-Z - 2011 EX 6MT

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