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This is NOT the COTM contest.. Please read all the POTM
RULES before posting.

Welcome to the Honda CR-Z "PICTURE" Of The Month Contest (POTM)!

NOTE: Again.. this is not the COTM contest.. This is about a picture of your CR-Z in a great area - scenery - great photography.. We are not voting on the modifications etc. It is all about a great cover photograph.. Stock CR-Zs are welcome and preferred.

You must submit your own car. Others cannot submit for you.

There is a limit of 8 submissions and one picture each... As stated in the rules, you cannot enter the COTM and POTM in the same month..

Members have until the 10th of this month or until we have 8 entries to post a picture. This POTM contest is about the quality of the picture and not about the modifications. After the 10th or 8 entries this thread will be closed for new submissions with a redirect to a new thread where members can vote for the POTM (Picture Of The Month) of their choice. On the first of next month, your votes will decide the winner for Picture Of The Month!!

The winners car will be displayed on Home Page for the month along with the COTM/LOTM.

Best of luck!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts