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Hi all,

Before I bought my CR-Z, I checked the Honda website to see if my cell phone would be compatible with the handsfree bluetooth feature.

I was really disappointed to see that the site said "Not Compatible."

It didn't stop me from getting the car, but I figured I was going to have to eventually buy a new cellphone if I planned on using the bluetooth.

Well, curiosity got the best of me and I figured why not try anyway? I was sitting in my car (parked!), about to make a phone call and just decided to go through the steps I'd read anyway.

Lo and behold, the phone said it had linked to the car and indeed it had showed up on the Navi screen.

I thought that surely it was just a fluke and wouldn't actually be able to make and receive calls. So I tried that out, recklessly trying to make my phone call with just the car.

I used the handsfree dialing function, said the number out loud, and heard it ringing! The person I was calling noticed it sounded different, but other than that said she could hear me loud and clear. After the call was over, I hung up using the wheel button. I've used it several times since, as well.

So, the moral of the story is to try with your phone anyway even if Honda says it's not compatible. Perhaps one feature is not compatible (I don't really even know all the features my phone has--it's not a very fancy one), but the important functions might be.

Good luck!
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