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I've been having fun experimenting with the 3 driving modes of my new CRZ. Normal is fine, sport hauls a--, but econ reminds me of my '79 rabbit diesel, without the noise and smoke. So here's my question, which I'm sure will be hard to scientifically answer, but I'm throwing it out anyway: how much fuel do you save by driving about in econ as opposed to the other modes? Also, does it do any good to be in econ when you are on the interstate in cruise control? Don't get me wrong; if gas is $5.00/gallon I'm as big a hypermiler as you could imagine, but at $2.50/gallon, I'm wondering if the doggie performance of econ is even worth the bother.
p.s. I hope to be able to answer my own question after I've had a car a while!
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