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I haven't*seen or used the Pep boys camera, but I installed a Peak backup camera on my wife's Mini Convertible and it worked quite well with a few caveats.

First it would turn itself on when sensing a wireless security camera in the area. Usually it did not display an image from the nearby camera, but sometimes it would. But what was distracting was when driving at night and the display would be off, it would suddenly flash on a blue screen because it sensed a nearby camera.

Second, I had trouble giving it a secure mount that would stay in place, just like you do with a GPS or radar detector that you don't want to mount on the windshield. As a result my wife did not want to bother moving the camera to the CRZ.

Image wise it looked great and made backing up easier, but it was only for backing up and not for checking the blind spot while driving since it was activated by the reverse lights that come on when you put the transmission in reverse.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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