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Multi-Choice: What aftermarket upgrades have you or wish to install?

  • Intake: Includes Airfilters

    Votes: 26 52.0%
  • Exhaust: Advise the thread on your choice

    Votes: 25 50.0%
  • Springs only (drop) Advise the thread on your choice

    Votes: 20 40.0%
  • Coilovers: Advise the thread on your choice

    Votes: 8 16.0%
  • External Lighting: Fogs/HID/Emblems etc.

    Votes: 16 32.0%
  • OEM Upgrades: Lighted seals, Arm rest etc

    Votes: 15 30.0%
  • Tires-Rims. Let the thread know which are your preference

    Votes: 28 56.0%
  • Aero Kits: Front, side, rear.

    Votes: 14 28.0%
  • Tint: Let the thread know your preference.

    Votes: 27 54.0%
  • Internal Lighting: LED or other upgrades.

    Votes: 18 36.0%
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After new car smell disappears, may get hanging air freshner (may even splurge and get vent freshner), maybe some kind of cyrstal to hang from mirror, maybe small garbage bag:dunno:
mine is 6 months old and still smells like new! Its strange actually, like smells will linger for a day (like if i brought a doggy back from dinner) and then the newness comes back. Actually wonder if its a smell associated with the plastics.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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