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Parking lights issue

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Hey CR-Z Fam,

I just got my car back from the paint shop last week and it looks great. Oddly enough though I had some weird electrical issues that were not an issue prior. First off, my turn signals in both my headlights and tail lights were not working as well as my driver side brake light. After I replaced all turn signal bulbs, my driver side tail light brake light started to work which was cool. However, my driver side tail light parking light does not come on, only the passenger side works. The parking lights in the headlights don't work either. If I lock/unlock the doors, they don't flash like they used to. I tried to research this issue on here and Facebook and found out about the Small light fuse, but mine is not blown. If I remove that fuse, then BOTH my driver and passenger tail light parking lights don't come on. This is what has me confused, not sure why only the passenger side tail light parking light would work but none of the others. Any ideas?

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Could be another fuse, or an issue with the wiring someplace that happened in the shop. I'd be in there with a meter and/or test light and the wiring diagrams following power and ground paths to find the problem.
If the shop is cooperative and equipped to do so you could take it back and have them look at it since it seems to have happened there. Otherwise it's DIY, or if you're not good with electrical enlist the help of someone who is.
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