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One of my clients is a GM dealer and as part of their sales scheme to sell their paint protection plan, they point out all of the contaminants in the factory paint. Say, "feel all those bumps. See those orange spots. That's factory paint. Thats the way you get the car. Pay us $500.00 and we'll do this"... Then they proceed to have you feel and inspect the 'treated' side of the car, free from bumps and orange spots.

So, my point is dealers and everyone else know about these "flaws" and don't consider them such. They go so far as to use them as a sales tool to say look, you can pay us here at the dealer to make the factory finish better.

--and honestly 100% of their sales pitch is blaming GM for inferior paint. They don't bother trying to blame it on rail dust or industrial fallout. Simply, this is what you get from gm.. Or, you can pay us $500.00 for something better.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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