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P1448 Bad IPU IMA Hybrid Cooling Fan Motor ... Can it be fixed?

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From evidence on the web and multiple threads on here we can see this IMA fan failure is not uncommon. :cry:

So the $$$ question is can we fix the FAN instead of replacing it? :unsure:

The supply of junk yards fans will likely dry up at sometime and a new one is UK £300.
Cheaper in the US I understand ~$160?

To find out I will need someone to send me a broken one to disassemble for the benefit of the CR-Z community.

Any offers?

The fan failure is often associated with blown IMA 12V fuse 53 which indicates some sort of short circuit.
Is the failure in the motor itself or in the fan drive module attached to it?

We could find out with a dead fan donation.... ;)
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Hi Peter,
Sorry for sort of asking a similar question again but is there any chance you'd know the pinout for those? I assume red would be 12v+ and black should be ground. Are the blue and yellow ones the tachometer and pwm signal, like in any regular 4pin computer fan? If so, any idea which is which?
Also, I got myself one of these 12v 10a power supplies (12V 1A 2A 3A 5A 6A 8A 10A AC DC Adapter LED Transformer Power Supply 110 220V | eBay) to attempt to run the fan externally. On a 4pin computer fan bridging the tachometer and pwm signal would make it run at a low speed. Any idea if these would behave similarly?
Thank you! I wanted to try this for a while now, but really didn't want to risk frying my fan. I'll make sure to post on the grid charging thread once I get my setup working.
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