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That is strange, but I understand. Today, when I dropped my car at the bodyshop and they took the bumper off, they found more then I found. The fog light housing was not only scrapped up, but the back of it, all the clips were broken. That would explain why the fog light sat in the housing funny. He also needs to fix the metal bracket on the foglight itself, but he said that's no problem. He said he could fix it, but he said it was better to order a brand new fog light housing. That way all the clips worked and no need to fix the scraped up housing. He got it overnighted from cali for 22 bucks! He got on the phone, made a call and bam, its on the way in less then 5 mins! The guy is awesome. I was like wow, I didnt know you could get parts that quick already. I have a hard time finding oem parts online, let alone getting them overnighted. Good shop!

I know how you feel. If you read my racoon incident that trashed my passenger front end. I didnt know what to do exactly with such a new car ya know? So far it's going well. I hope to get my crz back in a couple of days looking brand spankin' new! Ill be sure to give her a good rape victim wash too afterwards!
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