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Sorry to add to your misery but I have experienced a very similiar fate years ago. My wife had a 3 series BMW sedan which had just hit the market. The local access road to town had a 60 mph speed limit however construction on a new overpass had just begun. One morning (with 800 miles on the odometer) she entered the construction zone when another vehicle pulled out in front of her. She was able to get stopped however a geriatric male plowed his 60's era Impala square into her new cars backside at an estimated 60 mph (he admitted to looking at the construction). $21000 damage ($45000 car). That was February, repairs were completed in September. NO ONE could obtain the floor pan for the trunk (rear bumper was pushed under the rear window! They told us they finally just had to pull the assembly off the line in Germany!

Fortunately for us an off duty HP officer was also stopped at the intersection and witnessed the whole thing (iron clad witness). My wife suffered minor whiplash for about 48 hours and was otherwise ok. The Impala was of course totalled (actually broke in half at the fire wall, never did figure that one out). He had good insurance and the BMW was leased so we ordered a new one, had the insurance company pay the lease payments until the wreck was repaired and did an immediate early lease termination on the wreck the second the repairs were completed. Worked out fine except for a few days of pain for my wife.
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