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ORBIS wheel technology

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Recently came across a company that makes an electric wheel that can be equipped on gasoline or hybrid vehicles. I thought something like this would be pretty neat for the CR-Z. The videos demonstrate the wheels on a Honda Civic Type-R, what do you guys think?
Apparently, the company also offers a full electric conversion of a fuel engine vehicle.

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Yea, I tried searching for anything related to ORBIS, guess the search did not pick up that post from 3 years ago for whatever reason.
Don't think adding drive torque to the rear wheels is going to play nice with the geometry of our torsion beam rear axle.

Ever try to reverse with the parking brake set? Notice how the rear jacks up? Going to do the same if you apply forward torque to the wheel. Far too much anti squat built into the geometry. Rear axle wants jack up the rear of the car rather than push the car forward.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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