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It is easy to let all that instrumentation tell you how to run the car.

Case in point, was following another thread on battery depletion going up entry ramps and hills. Today was the first day I rode my car in some mountain roads ... switchbacks and the like.

With people complaining about battery depletion and sluggishness in mind, I drove the car like it had no battery, I just downshifted into 4th gear and kept the RPM's above 4k and a funny thing happened ...

The battery never went down below 3 bars from full charge, the car had all kinds of power ... and I had a chit eating grin on my face.

There is a time and place for fuel economy and there is a time and place where you need power. Just drive it.

BTW, about a third of the way down the mountain, I had full charge ... 8 bars with the car coasting down on the gears. It was almost disconcerting to see the charge meter inactive because the battery was fully charged.
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