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I dunno, ya have to kinda wonder what the quality would be like, being that cheap in price.

I just got my Mugen this past week and its getting installed on Fri, I know it was pricey, but sometimes like they say you get what ya pay for. At least I know it will fit perfectly and its already painted, color matched, and comes with the new deck lid supports that need to be changed out when ya add the wing.

I'd think you'd also have to wonder when they say things like this right in the posting....... (my comments in Red)

"Most of our products do not come with instruction (really? they are that easy to install, cause the Mugen comes with like 6 pages of install instructions and is VERY detailed). Buyer assumes all risk on shipment and usage. Item is auction AS IS, no warranty is expressed.(What, wait, NO WARRANTY, but it says in the ad that they do Guarantee it, so which is it, they do or don't?)

Note: This is an aftermarket part, not OEM. The fitment is excellent to near perfect; however, no aftermarket part can fit 100% like OEM part."

but that's JMO.

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