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One scrape over the line

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We know the front is low, and the scraper strip definitely does its job. This morning I had to enter a driveway that was just too steep and the car had a more violent than normal front end scrape. Returning to the car there is liquid dripping from the right front side. Tried to find the source but I'll have to look further. Didn't smell like coolant, and had no choice but to drive a few miles home. No overheat warning lights, no sound of pressure escape. Any clues what is over there on the right front underside that could have ruptured? It was a damn steep short incline that I drove over. The bottom strip and bottum bumper don't look too bad, somehow the damage was a little farther in. Anyway, maybe you have an idea what was hurt. Thx!
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Windshield washer fluid bottle is over there and extends down to nearly the bottom of the bumper.
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