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I am looking to get some wheels but I am having a rough time wrapping my head around the offset/backspacing. I want to get a flush look both front and rear with the fenders. I am looking at 17x7 ET40 and it looks like stock is 16x6 ET45.

Using this wonderful website: Wheel / tire size calculator / comparer - it looks like the wheels will stick out about 10mm farther. This would be sufficient in the front but what about the back? Seems like this car is much deeper in the rear. Should I just get wheel spacers for the back? The wheels I am wanting are Konig Illusion Blues, and they are limited in the offset options they provide (only +40 for 17 inch)

Can you guys help clear my head of and give me some advice on what I should do? :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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