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why did i cover the rear wheel? because they only showed the one. otherwise they'd both be covered :) seriously i gave it spats because mine will have spats and honestly I think Honda should think about it too. It's their own idea... I mean you can't tell me this body design is a sexed up 1st gen insight. It cuts drag, therefore is more fuel efficient, and that for me is the point.

thx for the comments, the black roof happened almost out of accident.. gimp bug having to do with layer masks moving after you close and reopen the file. But like you, I loved it.

Mike - yes i can do color tweaks! I don't go in to work till later, and was going to play with this a little anyway. I'm playing a bit with the back view now...

These latest concept photos that leaked took a little to grow on me, but I'm really happy over-all, Mostly I just didn't like the creases in the side, but I understand it makes for a more crush resistant sheet of metal.

I'm SO happy honda ditched the boba fett looking rear-end of the previous concept. not to mention the glow stick interior they had going on... looked a bit too TRONesque for me. Black seats/dk grey interior with RED or orange (not blue) console lights would be nice though.
1 - 20 of 118 Posts
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