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OFFICIAL: Driving Impressions/Review

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This is the official "driving impressions" thread... So whether it's a test drive or you're an owner and wanted to leave your impressions, post them in here.

SN: I know it might be hard with all the CR-Z-lovers on here, but please do not bash anyone if their review wasn't what you expected. Just keep it civil

To make a long story short, the CR-Z is nice but it isn't for me. I have no doubt that there will be many happy people driving their CR-Z's, but for me, the steering is too biased towards mileage rather than handling. It will be interesting to see what the aftermarket does to sharpen the car's steering behavior, though.

I drove a silver EX CVT with navi. Since I know my local dealer well I was able to give the car a pretty long drive, including in-town as well as highway. The CR-Z is very impressive in terms of noise/vibration/harshness during acceleration as well as highway cruising - especially when one considers the CR-Z's compact dimensions. Interior materials are better than on the Insight. Sport mode, as you all know, does indeed sharpen throttle response to an impressive level for a hybrid. Visibility wasn't as bad as I had feared, although there's a pretty big blind spot.

It is not my intention to rip on the CR-Z or those that choose to buy one. Frankly, I want Honda to do well with this car, so we'll see more small, high-mileage, affordable, fun cars. Overall, the CR-Z is a very nice, quality small car with plenty of style. I would hesitate to include "sporty" in the description, though. Approach your test drives with reasonable expectations and you'll be quite pleased with how the CR-Z performs.

Just trying to provide one person's unbiased opinion...
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Well I have just under 2000 miles on my CRZ and to say I am happy with this motorcar is a distinct understatement! I love it. The ergonomics, fit and finish, handling are all top-notch. The controls are well laid out and the cabin is quite comfortable. I am averaging about 40MPG in ECO mode and have only had the car in Sport once! So I can say I am happy with the ECO mode performance. The stereo is the best I have ever owned-perfectly tuned for the cabin. I do NOT like the Dunlops that came standard and will likely switch to Yokohamas ASAP-I had a set on my Mazda3 and they were the best tires I ever rolled on. BTW, that Mazda3 was a sweet car also. So I am quite happy with my choice.
Driving Impressions

I love my CR-Z, but i wish the rear view mirror was on the dashboard. I think they could make it so you could see out that little window in the back at a better angle.. the way it is now, the bar is right in the way. They could integrate it into the dash, with perhaps a little dial to change the angle like the side mirrors have if they want to be fancy. It would be cool, I wouldn't miss the windshield mount setup.
Maybe this would cause that smaller drivers don't see well out of the car?

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505
I've wanted one of these since it was released in 2010 but could never convince my parents to help me finance or down pay one. Fast forward three years, I find out Honda decided to upgrade just about everything in the car from the headlights (I have an EX model) to the interior color, to the trimming options, even the side mirrors and the addition of the rear camera. rearward visibility is still an issue, but not one I cant live with. Overall a great car, love the handling and the amount of power it produces. I've always thought hybrids were supposed to be quiet and slow (muffler delete was a great, inexpensive choice. Feels faster, too!) The cluster layout had me since day 1 and three years later, I have my own job and can make my own decisions (and payments, I guess) and purchasing the CRZ was definitely not one I will regret. In love with every aspect of the car and while it could use a few more horses, the package out of the box was incredible. Huge kudos to Honda on this quality machine
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My first impression of the CR-Z was it was pretty cool looking. So when I went to test drive one recently ( and did buy ), I had high expectations. My only concern was all the reviews which said it had no power,MPG wasn't what was rated,etc. At the dealer, I looked it over front to rear,inside and out. This was my first up close look at a CR-Z. Everything was what I expected; high tech looking,sporty,etc. Now to test drive. I had worked at a Toyota dealer ( 24 years ) have a strong mechanical background, including being trained on the Prius from day one, so I had an idea of what a hybrid may run like. Was I wrong. The Honda system runs on the engine,using the electric motor for assist ( from what I understand ) whereas the Toyota you can drive on electric at lower speeds as long as the battery was charged up enough.

The CR-Z has good power in my opinion. Was I expecting more ? Not really. I was,and still am, pleased with the performance. To me, it has plenty of power for spirited driving, but I don't expect to be spinning the front tires from a stop. As for handling, it is fun to drive. On my way home from picking it up, I drove a winding back road that I used to drive when I worked at the Toyota dealer. Handling was great and loved driving the CR-Z. Steering is quick and it is a blast rounding corners.I had a 91 MR2 Turbo and this reminded me of the time I had it.
The outside styling is sporty, though first impression I really didn't care for the front end look. But I love it all now. Guess it grew on me,lol. The inside is very nicely done and the seat holds you in place nicely. The audio sounds great with the 6 speakers and sub ( Mine has Nav,360 watt system ). All the switches and controls are in easy reach except the audio / Nav. But with the steering wheel controls, that is minor.

Only flaws I have found so far after 3 weeks and a few hundred miles are;
The bar across the rear is right in my line of site when looking out the rear window. I find that if you use all the mirrors and pay attention to where all the traffic is around you, you will be okay. And don't forget about the bad blind spots from the rear quarter window areas. Also I did notice some slight body roll when taking a corner quickly, but I am sure that could be taking care of with lowering and/or better sway bars ( or slowing down, lol ). And lastly, I at first thought maybe the left front tire was making noise as you drove faster when I first bought it. The more I have driven it tho, I believe it is what some reviews mentioned about the CVT being noisy. After a week or so, I have gotten used to it and don't even notice it much anymore.

Overall, I am very pleased with my CR-Z. My drive is mostly highway and have been getting about 42-43 mpg. I love the handling and power when passing. The interior and outer styling are just in line with me, sporty looking. Mine is a CVT,which I decided would suit me fine. I have never driven a MT version and know that if I drove winding roads more often, it would have been a better fit. All in all, I love my CR-Z and if I had to do it all again, I would not change a thing.
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Ok, so perhaps I do not qualify as a CRZ enthusuast having one for only two days, but I can hostly say...WOW!!! IT'S MINE!! The drives home are so much fun going through the twisties!!
I have one thing to add...what flaws? She's perfect!
Absolutely love the car! I drive a ton for work ( install security systems all over so cal), and the cr-z has and is turning out to be the perfect car! Great blend of fun for the occasional twisty or freeway on ramp/interchange, yet comfortable and smooth for 80 mile highway commutes. In the two weeks I've now had the car I've logged over 2,000 miles of just work commutes, fuel milage is more than fine for me getting over 38mpg out of the 6mt, cruise control at 70-75( when traffic permits), constantly in sport mode, and almost always accelerating moderate off of lights or onto freeways. What a blast and efficient car! It reminds me every day of my first car, a 1988 prelude si. I'm also extremely impressed with the amount of usable storage the rear hatch has! Couldn't be happier.

Well, after taking home the car last Wednesday I finally got to put some miles on this weekend...burned an entire tank of fuel having a blast!

Love it, thought it was going to be underpowered, but I took her along the river bottoms windy twisty hilly areas and man when I hit sports mode I was astounded...

ALready had two people ask me just what model it is.

Cannot stop smiling, I think I made an excellent decision and wise choice.

300+ miles and counting

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Today is a day to celebrate!!!:woot:

I have hit my first 40!!


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Here are my impressions after 5K or so miles of driving. The first thing I notice before I even start the car is the sitting position. Low, with good forward vision. The ergonomics are perfect. Everything is driver oriented, intuitive, and within reach. The materials are clearly made with economy in mind, but the fit still feels like it was done with care and precision. Which is what I expect from any Honda. Seats are comfortable enough, though adjustable lumbar support would have been appreciated.

On the road, the car is nimble once you manage to get it moving. I prefer a heavier steering feel than what the CR-Z has, but its light weight and good balance make me feel comfortable enough to disable the stability control when cornering at speed. The driving modes are a lot of fun to play around with, especially if you switch from econ to sport and downshift to third when your unsuspecting passenger comments on how quiet your little hybrid is. It's like engaging warp speed without actually going all that much faster. It feels solid enough to handle highway speeds and beyond without making me feel antsy. The gearbox and clutch are easy to learn, especially since my only previous experience with a manual has been with a BMW.

Now, the driving experience isn't perfect. It can feel like a chore to get the car moving from first gear, especially if you intend to merge ahead of someone (say, a soccer mom) after starting from a traffic light.

What I dislike the most are these reminders of its econocar roots: The tires are bad. The road noise is bad and I have a rattle coming from somewhere in the dash and one of the visors that I can't seem to replicate consistently. The base sound system makes me miss the one that comes with a GTI and regret not waiting to find an EX.

Overall though, I am quite happy with the car. It's fun and economical, and you get people gawking at it from time to time.
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I suppose views and reviews are all relative. My last few cars were not smooth, quiet cars. 2012 Ford Focus SE, 2010 Honda CRV, 2008 Pontiac Vibe.... I guess it I never had it, I don't miss it.... I agree that the tires are worse than usual, but even the base stereo is good cover with good tunes! :headbang:
Today I found myself being 'pushed' uphill by a 350IS (although I thought I was doing well). He found a way around me and disappeared over the crest. When I got to the other side of the pass where the road gets more 'fun', I was able to catch him before he got to the bottom. This car handles like its on rails..even my Focus caused me more pause...sooo fun!!!! :thumbsup:

setup: It is a one lane road that goes from the Livermore valley to a peak of about 1000 feet, then drops a series of switchbacks through the ranches and windfarms..
Found a positive review

My first impression of the CR-Z was it was pretty cool looking. So when I went to test drive one recently ( and did buy ), I had high expectations. My only concern was all the reviews which said it had no power,MPG wasn't what was rated,etc.
I had the same concerns when I recently replaced my base Mini Cooper with a 2014 CR-Z EX with the manual transmission. The one review that gave me the confidence to make this change was a comparison test in the February 2012 edition of Motor Trend magazine. This was the first review I found that showed the performance of the base Mini Cooper and the CR-Z tested the same way at the same time. I loved the performance, handling, and gas mileage of my Mini and wanted similar in the CR-Z. Motor Trend's testing showed the 2011 CR-Z to be about equal in acceleration 0-60 (8.4 sec, vs 8.1 sec.), lateral acceleration (0.84 g vs 0.90 g), and fuel economy (33.1 mpg vs 33.0 mpg). They also gave the CR-Z a second place with the Mini finishing first. A major reason for the second place was only seating 2 people, and that is not a concern to me. My CR-Z is still very new, so I have not pushed it hard yet, but it already has been a pleasant surprise. The low end torque added by electric motor, makes the CR-Z more pleasant to drive and gas mileage is over what I was getting with the Mini. Since the Mini required premium fuel and the CR-Z only requires regular, this is another significant plus. I haven't found the rear vision to be a big problem since you can see down both sides with the mirrors and directly behind with the rear window. I agree it would be nicer not needing to be so careful when changing lanes. I am very pleased with my purchase and got even more than I expected.
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Picked up my ride just yesterday (2014 CVT Premium) I'm very impressed with the car, I have a 2004 Honda Civic SI-G automatic (US EX model) to compare with, and I must say and agree with "byronh" with the low end torque you really do take off from a full stop. Blind spots are an issue with this car but the extended side mirrors help offset it. Its been awhile since I've purchased a new car, there's been the burning rubber smell, I guess its normal for a new car, I hope it doesn't end up being something serious with the car.
I bought my 2013 EX so new they had to take the plastic wrap off it and I don't recall any burning rubber smell. Just the usual outgassing plastic and fabric bits that make up "new car smell."
Does anybody have any direct comparisions to a BRZ or a FR-S? I'm coming from a FR-S, planning to test drive a 6 MT CR-Z this weekend. What can I expect? Anything I should keep in mind or look out for?
What year?
2014 CRZ, this one is a little quicker with the Sport+ button right?
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