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2013 CRZ Base (CVT), I am about 9 months in


New compared to previously owned cars, and smaller so it is easier to park at most places.

MPG which is much better than previous cars but not impressive at 35 MPG. And no, I am not driving like a grandma to give it a chance to get better MPG. I rented a Prius on vacation once and it gave me 54 MPG without me having to baby it.

2-seater so I am not constantly asked for rides. Unique looking car if you are into exclusivity.

Large rear cargo area for a single person. I cannot see it being an issue for a couple but I would have to find out and give my 2 cents when applicable.

Great commuter car.


Heavy doors, you can get use to them, but your passenger might complain

Its not a sports car. While it can gracefully handle some light winding roads and has decent acceleration, it will never have the acceleration or handling from a real sports car.

Terrible visibility on the rear. You can adjust yourself eventually, but it never stops being terrible when you are not used to keeping your head on a swivel.

I don’t feel safe jacking it up to do my own brake and fluid changes, so I see that as a con.

Don’t think I would enjoy long trips on this car, something about the seat and space I have for my legs to comfortably drive on 30–45-minute commutes makes me second guess if a 2-6 hour drive will be a breeze. I am short (like 5’-6”) and in average shape but I feel a little constricted when compared to driving other small cars.
1 - 1 of 467 Posts