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My impressions of my 2013 CR-Z

6,000 miles since purchase in Feb 2014. My Base 2013 CR-Z with CVT ( I wanted manual but none were available) ....this is a very fun little car. The CVT is actually one of the best in the business,far superior to Nissan CVT's and Mitsubishi CVT's. The storage bins in back are great to keep stuff from flying around when cornering hard. I carry alot of work gear/work out of my car and this CR-Z more than holds it all with room to spare. The power is more than adequate. The fuel savings are EXCELLENT!!! The stop start is smooth/can barely feel it...much smoother than my 2014 Mini Cooper stop start...fortunately on the Cooper there is a switch to disable the stop start. The back up cam is helpful but small, as it lives in the rearview mirror on the base model. The looks are very sexy/unique. Mine is black and I learned that black on black is not good for warm climates/car gets very very hot and takes a while to cool the interior...ah well. Stock stereo is good not great. The car seems durable and tough/I ran over a retread tire at 60+ mph on the survived it well with minimal damage. I am getting in the 40's avg most days. My best was 46.1 mpg avg a few days ago. Overall a fun, sporty car that gets great MPGS and doesnt look like everything else out there.
1 - 1 of 467 Posts