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Here are some thoughts after 4 weeks of ownership (CPO 2012 Ex, 6MT, purchased at 17600 miles).


1. Good acceleration at lower speeds.
2. Stays relatively flat when turning and the car feels agile.
3. Good brakes.
4. Gives the sense that I've moving at higher speed that I actually am. ;)
5. 6MT with good shifter action/feel.
6. Distinct looks and some unintentional "exclusivity", perhaps due to slow sales?


1. Have features I don't need: Hill Assist, Delayed Clutch return, various efficiency related gauges, etc.
2. No water temp gauge: I added Ultra Gauge to get around this.
3. TPMS.... Urgh. But I understand that it's not unique to CR-Z.
4. Glove box can be a little bigger.

CR-Z was on my list but was put aside since I wanted to try something other than a Honda (owned Civic Si, Accord couple and Prelude Type-SH), namely Infiniti G37x w/Sport Package. But when I drove one, I found everything about it to be quite "muted" (automatic, fast felt slow, leaned more than expected when turning, super quiet, etc.). I drove a couple of more G37x's to make sure and they all felt the same. After driving some more cars, I settled on CR-Z since it gave me the feeling closest to the one I got when I bought my Prelude Type-SH. It looks like my Prelude will stick around for a while, so I have the pleasure of alternating between 2 cars. :D
1 - 1 of 467 Posts