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From BMW M3 to Honda CR-Z - The Review

Ok after a few weeks of driving, I feel I've had enough experience to do a review. Firstly, I'm coming out of a 430HP M3. My car before that was an M3. And before that was an M Roadster. And before that was an M3. Seeing a pattern? LOL. (BTW I'm not rich, I just usually spend beyond my means :grin: )

Anywho, with a new son, too much debt from stupid spending, too high maintenance ($1,800+ for brakes and that's not even BMW price, etc.), along with skyrocketing gas prices ($4.56 per gallon sort of was the straw that broke the camels back for me), I sold my beloved sports car and got a 2013 Honda CR-Z EX (and paid off some debt).

I have a one hour+ commute three times per week (110 miles round trip, 70% highway). I was one of the guys driving 85 MPH the ENTIRE way on the highway portion (mostly along with traffic in the fast lane). I was the guy annoyed by slow driving vehicles.

Ok... Enter CR-Z.

Fun Factor

Firstly, I love the car. I am actually having more fun, MUCH more fun, trying to beat my MPG "Score" like every commute (except for short trips around the city, where I zip around in sport mode). It's like playing a video game the whole time. And even though I'm driving a LOT slower (usually LESS than the speed limit to hypermile), the time flies by faster.

I'm also less stressed. Although now I get stressed because I don't want to hold up people behind me, even if I'm in the slow lane and they can pass me. I feel bad about that. But there are two lanes. Except for back roads, where I go the speed limit unless someone is behind me, in which case I go about three miles over.

I like the technology with all the graphics, etc. The dash and tech are far superior to any of my previous cars.

I love the Sport+ button, although I really see the difference in Econ mode, and not so much in sport mode. But in Econ mode, when I need to move, I hit that baby and I'm outta there. Love it.


A-W-E-S-O-M-E. They WAY under-rated this car. I got 52.1 MPG today on my way to work. Did I say AWESOME??? Forget Priuses!! Especially since I can hit sport mode and fly by them. :grin:


Obviously, this is not 430 HP. But I knew that. However, it is peppier than I imagined. Maybe that's the torque from the electric engine. I think the acceleration is good. I actually like the wheel chirp between first and second. The M3 did the same under high acceleration.

I do however, want the supercharger. The car will be perfect I think with 200hp if I can maintain my MPG in econ mode.

Although I had gone with the DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) on the M3, I am back to a manual on the CR-Z, and loving it. Can't beat the fun there.

The car is on rails around corners. It feels lighter than the big V8 M3 but shows no roll and snaps right around without issues.

Sound System

This was a BIG factor for me. I wanted a premium stereo as part of my trade off for speed. The EX stereo is PHENOMENAL!!! Especially with the hatchback / subwoofer combo. BLOWS away any stereo in the BMW's I had.



1. Quick acceleration and great handling
2. Sport+ Button in Econ mode is awesome for when I need to move
3. Three drive modes (I use Econ and Sport mostly)
4. Beautiful looking car inside and outside. I like it better than the BMW's actually.
5. Mods are aplenty and affordable (BMW supercharger is $14K for the starter model)
6. Fun. Like a video game to drive.
7. 49 - 52 MPG so far in Econ. This is with me hypermiling of course.


1. Passenger window is not automated (I know I can order a part but I'm miffed it's not included.)
2. Steering wheel stereo track advance button does not allow scanning (aka fast forwarding or reversing through a song). But I can do it on the main unit so it's ok.

Those are small cons!!!! That said, I rate this as the FUNNEST and most MONEY SAVING (until I mod the hell out of it at least :grin: ) car.

Loving my CR-Z so far! :thumbup: I'm also glad there is an active community here to share the fun and enthusiasm.

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After 8 months driving my mini tumbler aka mini batmobile.....

The only mod i've done is changing the stock wheels to 17 inch shod with 205 45 17 tires for a lil more grip from the wider contact patch.
Have you noticed better handling after the new wheels? And if you got lighter ones, how about power?

I totally agree about the looks of the car. Everyone who sees it tells me it's an awesome looking car! :cool:

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Yo man.i got 2nd hand OZ racing wheels,refurbished n repainted is lighter compared to my stock 16 inchers,therefore mileage n power delivery is virtually not affected. Marginally better grip. A bit less lean on the sidewalls in hard cornering. A lil less comfort.
I'd be willing to sacrifice some comfort too. I'm getting the HPD suspension next and then the HPD tires and brakes. Honda says "improved performance" on the tires so I'm just wondering how they are measuring that.

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The OS for the Navi model is...blah.

I have almost never used the S+ button.
That's one reason I didn't get the Navi. My Samsung phone has awesome GPS (android). I will never get a car GPS system with this phone (it's a galaxy note II).

I agree I don't see much need for Sport+ in sport mode. But in Econ mode, it's awesome. If I have to get on a highway or go up a big hill and I want to move, or get out of the way, or pass someone, etc., I hit that button and boom instant power to move. I love it.

In sport mode, I just downshift.
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