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2010 JDM ZF1
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I bought some new wheels and wanted to show them off, so I finally made an account after a quite a bit of lurking.

I have a black 2010, CVT, RHD, Japanese import that I bought with 136,000km on it (~85,000mi). Frame number is ZF1-1003146, but I don't know how to interpret that.
It's been modified by a previous owner; in fact, it was the "cheap" mods, the illuminated door sills and puddle lights that I fell in love with.
  • Mugan spoiler (pretty sure this is a replica)
  • "Backyard Special" style carbon grill (destroyed, see below)
  • Ganador Pasion catback exhaust
  • Mugan wide view mirrors
  • lightly smoked headlights and tailights
  • Red foglight housings
  • Black plasti-diped replica Type-R emblems
  • Horn swap
  • Mugan puddle lights
  • Illuminated CRZ "carbon" door sills
This is the first car I've done any mods to, It's also my daily, so anything done to it needs to be achievable in a weekend.
In the 3 months I've had it, i've added to the above list:
  • destroyed the grill and dented the front bumper
  • K&N Typhoon intake
  • AliExpress bonnet gas struts
  • Enkei SC46 17 x 7.5" wheels, with
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 5's 215/45-17
  • Piaa Hyper Arros (halogen) 5000k low beams and 2500k fogs
  • Sony XAV-AX5500 android auto head unit
  • Wolfbox rearview mirror camera and dashcam
  • MeWant leather steering wheel cover
  • blacking out the dash bit by bit so it looks like a black label
  • Carbon vinyl wrap centre console trim
  • 2x USB ports on centre console
  • Yellow panel gap trim on the dash

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood

I'm currently rebuilding the front grill after destroying it and bending the bumper out of shape; Rainy day, 3 cars rear-ended each other in front of me, I made it 4. I had cheap tires on it from the dealer at that time and aquaplaned into the back of that mess. Hard enough to run my plastic and front beam but fortunately everything else is unscathed. I'll do a build thread and link to it here when my parts arrive. For now, the grill is a chicken wire placeholder.

Car Wheel Vehicle Plant Automotive side-view mirror

Here's the dog helping take the centre console out to be painted. I've experimented with yellow panel gap trim, but will be taking it out to trim with red instead.

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel

I'm in New Zealand, which due to it's favourable importing laws, gets all the 10 year old Japanese cast-offs. I'm starting to see quite a few more CR-Z's around here as they get imported in. Something playing in their favour is, over here, they're one of the cheapest 2ndhand coupe's you can get with <100,000km on the clock.
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