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Not sure what to do with my Silver Bullet.

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I’ve got a 2011 CVT. I’ve got some loan left on it. Sitting at 130k miles. More body work than I know how to fix. Some mechanicals that I could probably repair (AC). some interior cosmetics. It’s not f’ed, it’s not great. For a moment I was thinking of going slightly battle car and using it for storm chasing and county road/dirt road cruising. Or going slightly exo car. But then I was offered my dads VW Bug, plus the other projects I have. Now it would be nice if it could just be polished up a bit and be a reliable car to own. But I think I’ve crossed the line of what it’s worth and what I needs and now I’m just not sure what to do. I love the little car. I also sort of just want to sell it. I don’t really have space for this and the bug, it’s already a little red neck ish looking around here lol. What say the community? What do these go for now? I think I owe just shy of $4k.