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Welcome to the 21st Century

The original CRX was designed 25 years ago, when gas was still a dollar or less and global warming wasn't on the radar. Honda underestimated the popularity of this model. Certainly there were much quicker and faster cars to be had, and great gas mileage was hardly a selling feature in this era. Even the styling had to grow on you; initially it received more criticism than praise. The biggest reason for its sales success was that elusive quality known as Fun-to-Drive.

Now 25 years later, Honda has given us a great looking car, still not the fastest or quickest, but the real measure of its sales success will once again be if it puts a smile on the driver's face while carving through canyons or weaving through traffic. The 21st century interior alone should make most drivers happy.

Mileage? Don't worry about Honda's current conservative estimate. The EPA's may be a little better, but even if it's not, you'll get much better mileage than the 2008 EPA test cycle estimates, which greatly penalize all hybrid cars. Most Prius and Civic Hybrid owners get mileage that equates to the old test standards or better, and there's no reason to believe the CR-Z won't better the new estimates as well, perhaps as much as 40 city/ 50 highway.

Until test drives become available, we'll have to wait to find out if the fun is still in the drive. My bet is on Honda, who rarely fails to deliver on a promise.
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