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Yes, electric cars offer instant torque and very fast off the line acceleration. This is a good thing!

But, as has been pointed out, this hard acceleration takes its toll on range. Driving an electric hard, or uphill, severly reduces range.

Think of it this way. Imagine that your CRZ had a 2.5 gallon gas tank and that refilling it took 8 hours. If you were real careful, you could go 100 miles (or maybe evn a bit more for you hypermilers). Would you be ready to push for those last 10 or 20 miles before you were completely empty with no such thing as a gas can?

An all electric car could excite me when battery technology advances. Right now the leaf is lugging around 660 pounds of batteries to provide that, almost 100 mile range. For me, I would want to see 300 pounds of batteries supplying a 300 mile range. In other words I want 6 to 10 times more efficiency from the batteries than we have today.
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