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Yeah.. as others have basically said, it's got to start somewhere. I hope they sell a lot of these. Then the manufactures will put more money into it, the government will take it more seriously, the infrastructure will appear. It could happen really quickly if there was reason for it.
I guess they have to make it ugly so people notice it.. Like first gen hybrids.

Now the GM volt.. I really really want that to fail.. What are they thinking?!?! Put a gas engine in that baby.. WTF.. People buying electric don't want gas!!

About using "gay" as slang.. I must admit, I used to do that.. (bout 10 years ago) when I was a gamer.. It's just common gaming trash talk.. One time I was getting my hair cut and used the phrase, and while I don't think anyone even gave it a 2nd thought, I realized it could offend some people.
So heh, a stereotype of assuming some of the guys at the salon must be gay, made me change my ways.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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