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Hi All,

Thank you for all the information to everyone, especially @PeterPerkins !

I am considering doing this process to my 2011 CRZ as I just hit 100k miles last week and thought it would benefit from it.

I've got 2 questions before I buy all the gear and start this exciting process:

1. Does it matter what the IMA Battery charge shows on the car's dashboard before I start the process? Should I empty the battery as much as possible (3 bars) before the first charge or it doesn't make a difference?

2. I looked at the OBDII C&C topic on this forum but I can't seem to find the answer to my second question, sorry... Any chance you guys could point me to a clone HDS (as the Honda HDS is crazy expensive) that will work and allow me to show/reset the capacity of the IMA Battery pack, please? I can't seem to find a $100 version of this "HDS" that has been mentioned before, and I desperately want to buy one to check the capacity level first, before I jump the gun.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Attached is a picture I made to celebrate Toothless' 100K Miles milestone!

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