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Next Stop, Track: Spoon Continues 2011 Honda CR-Z Performance Development

Spoon Sports is charging full steam ahead with its development of a sportier 2011 Honda CR-Z. And thanks to a few new pictures via the company's blog, we can see the car is becoming more and more intriguing.

Known for their responsive suspensions and quality motor builds, Spoon's engineers are revamping the clutch and flywheel assemblies with their own beefed-up versions and installing new final gear ratios and a limited-slip differential. The whole is aimed at providing a more engaging driveline suitable for the track and spirited runs up a favorite backroad. They're also developing an aerodynamic mirror set for a sleeker drag coefficient.

So far, "hybrid" and "performance" haven't really meshed for any automaker. But with Spoon's touch, this CR-Z may give hybrid a whole other meaning. According to our engineering contact at the firm, bigger things are in store for the Honda hatchback.

A full track test is scheduled for April 1, so stay tuned.

Full Article At: Automobile Mag
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