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Next Generation of Hybrid Cars To Be Beautiful Not Boring

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Welcome to TOKYECO

The Prius has sold more than a MILLION and now green cars dominate every motor show. It was no different here as Japan continues to be a major pioneer in eco-friendly driving.

And the great news is that Tokyo proved that the next generation of hybrids and electric cars are going to be beautiful not boring.

HONDA led the style chase with three models including the stunning CR-Z hybrid sports coupé, below. It will share the Insight's front-drive platform and be powered by the same 1.3-litre, 100bhp petrol engine.

However, battery-driven assistance should boost its total to around 130bhp and deliver 0-62mph in about nine seconds. Average fuel economy should be about 55mpg, with emissions close to 100g/km. Prices are expected to be around £20,000.

Honda also showed a Ford S-Max rival - the SKYDECK hybrid concept. The sleek MPV is likely to replace the FR-V for Europe, although it has a more conventional three rows of seats instead of the previous car's two benches.

And the cutest was the EV-N concept which was inspired by the the N360 hatch of the 1960s. Just longer than a Smart Fortwo, the four-seat EV-N is designed for urban motoring and has a lithium-ion battery pack. Honda have also confirmed a petrol/electric Jazz will be on sale by the end of next year. They also hope to increase hybrid sales to 500,000 a year early into the next decade, roughly 15 per cent of their entire sales.

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Well that is just plain wrong it will not have the same 1.3 liter engine. Hate when articles cant even get the basics right.
It has been rather interesting to read all the articles and all the different information. Have seen many different engine specs, horesepower ratings and even the number of seats!! Hopefully Honda will clear all the confusion in Tokyo later this week.
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