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New Vendor to the CRZ Forums!

To our future potential customers,

First off we at DriveLine Motoring would like to say hello to all you fellow Honda CRZ owners and enthusiasts. To properly introduce ourselves, we would like to share with you a bit about what we offer...

DriveLine Motoring was founded early 2007, and has been rapidly growing since. We specialize in distributing the highest quality performance parts for both Japanese and European vehicles. With years of experience of being in this industry we have managed to create strong relationships with many elite manufacturers in Japan; giving us the ability to offer you their products at competitive prices. Aside from keeping our prices low, we also strive on upholding the speed of your orders as well as your tuning objectives.

Our biggest goal DriveLine Motoring is to establish strong long term relationships with our customers based upon honesty and trust. DriveLine is also enthusiast owned, operated, and founded. We are in business because we love what we do, as well as the community which surrounds it.

To get you to know us a little better, here is a current list of what lines you could find at DriveLine Motoring:

  • Sun Line Racing
  • Voltex
  • JUN
  • Rays Wheels
  • Kansai Service
  • M-Sports
  • Powerhouse AMUSE
  • Advan Wheels
  • Weds Sport Wheels
  • Max Power
  • J's Racing
  • Mugen
  • Key!s Racing
  • Colt Speed
  • Ings +1
  • C-West
  • Enkei Wheels
  • Bride Super Seats
  • Endless Brakes
  • SSR Wheels Japan
  • Do-Luck
… And many more!

If there are any parts ('JDM' or not) that you need, please feel free to give us a call at (818) 710-6666. We'd be more than happy to assist.

As for our inventory, we regularly stock the product lines from Voltex, SunLine, and JUN Auto. As for many of the other manufacturers we carry and distribute; we offer EMS direct air freight services from our Yokohama warehouse directly to your location.

We are also available from 9AM (PST) 'til 5PM (PST), Monday through Friday.

8030 Remmet Ave #14
Canoga Park, CA 91304

Best Regards,
The DriveLine Motoring Team
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