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Hello fellow Z owner's! New member signing in.


A few days ago i said goodbye to my Mercedes c class and purchased my second Honda ever, a 2011 Pearl white CR-
Z! i've been lurking here for awhile now looking at posts regarding known issues and modifications!

My vehicle background:
5 years ago i bought a 1995 Honda civic hatchback for 800$ with a blown headgasket (yikes) which i planned to use as a commuter to get back and forth from work. i am an apprentice mechanic and i used that car to practice the trade on when i wasn't at work. This was my first honda and i was mega excited to work on it, 2 years later i had restored most of it back to factory including a new engine (B16A3) which isn't factory in the states or canada, only in japan in the SIR 1-2
models. This is also one of the only EG's with a 1st generation Honda insight cluster swap, which is fully functioning!
Unfortunatly, i had to sell the car, but ever since, i've wanted another honda and when i saw the cr-z i had to get one!

Looking forward to learning more about the CR-z and modifying it!!
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New here also! I purchased my Z about 2 months ago but have been eyeballing them since they first came out and I plan on keeping it til the day I die. Cars and video games are my passion. I currently work full-time at a local video game store and will prolly work there til the day I die also😂😂🤣 I have a 6 speed(Don’t do automatics lol) 2011 CR-Z Ex w/Nav. Before this I had had a 2001 Eclipse GT 5 speed and a 2007 Eclipse 5 speed but that’s my wife’s car now since I have my Z😎 I only run Shell V-Power gas in my car and about to put in an K&N Air Filter in it and Pennzoil Ultra Platinum because it’s the best oil(IMHO) and my Z gets the best of everything! My Z had less than 60k on it when I bought it I drove a 9+ hour round trip for her but totally worth it! The CR-Z is the only Hybrid out there that is a manual trans which I think is super friggin dope!!! It’s my first car that I actually got a loan for and the first 6 speed I have owned and that extra gear really does make all the difference in the world! I drove it to Michigan and back for the Skunkies(if ya smell wut I’m stepping in😎) [Detective Pikachu Reference for those who r lame and didn’t get it🤣] and was super impressed with the gas mileage! made it there and back with a single tank of gas! I absolutely love my CR-Z and wouldn’t trade it for anything!(except a 2013 with the S+ Button😂😂🤣💀) but I could give a shiz less about a back up camera or keyless ignition and I don’t know why errybody be trippin bout the MAJOR BLINDSPOT maybe it’s because I’m use to it with having the Eclipse(with a spoiler literally right in the back window) but I have no trouble with back window and mirrors and see just fine. People just don’t pay enough attention IMO. #BestCarEver #InMyHonestButSlightlyBiasedOpinion 😂😂🤣💀👌💯💯👏👏🙌🤪😎🤷‍♂️🤓
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