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A lot of people are passing judgement based solely on stats and figures, but have never driven the car. Read a review from a publication that's driven the car, and you will see that it makes sense to them. I've only read a couple that had complaints, but most say it's a great little car with amazing steering and handling.

1991 CRX Si: 5MT, 0-60 ~8.5s, ~35MPG
2011 CRZ (Sport Mode): 6MT, 0-60 ~8.7s, ~35MPG

The new CRZ is basically a SAFE version of the final production CRX Si! At a starting price of $19k USD I'd say Honda hit the nail right on the head.

Still, I'd love if they had used the 1.8L Civic motor instead of the 1.5L Fit motor, but maybe we will still see that in a couple years
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