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Can the mods create a new section in the forum please for people who post about the following:- (Because I'm pretty sure it annoys everybody else)

1) CR-Z should of had a K20.
2) The CR-Z isn't a race car.
3) The CR-Z isn't a track worthy car.
4) The CR-Z should have Forumula 1 suspension.
5) The CR-Z is an epic underpowered fail.
6) The CR-Z should have a turbo.
7) THe CR-Z should have been built for enthusiasts only.
8) The CR-Z shouldn't be competing against Toyota! Doh!
9) The CR-Z would be more economical with a K20.
10) The CR-Z should have a 0-60mph time of under 6 seconds.
11) The CR-Z is a car for homosexuals and girls.
12) The CR-Z should have been made so homeboy tuners could put any engine in.

The list goes on....

Then the rest of the forum can be for normal people who understood from day one that the CR-Z is a "fun hybrid" and not a "race car".:mellow:

etc etc etc.
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