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Hello everyone,
Just picked up my 2011 CRZ in Crystal Black with Navi (CVT) 290 miles. So far I have easily acheived 39-41 mpg in the city from the start! As of yet I don't see a major differece in the ECO and normal as far as mileage yet? The auto idle is going to take awhile for me to get use to but love the idea and in Florida the AC is not too bad when it slows at stop lights. I take it fairly easy to get the mileage. This car is so tight and quiet! The ride is suprisingly good for such a small car and it feels so much bigger when you get inside and I'm 6'2". This car is a sleeper for Honda they need to get the word out about this car! This car is FUN to drive! I considered the Prius but its just too boring for me and I wanted a hybrid. I will report in a few weeeks on MPG as I will be doing a long trip (1,300 miles).
Love my CRZ
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