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NEW CR-Z owner!

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Hi everyone,

Just returned my BMW 335Xi due to the three year lease being
expired. Always thought about a hybrid, so did some research
at about 3am. By 5pm I was in Madison at Zimbrick Honda
to pick up my new black on gray CR-Z! I have had it now for
about 24 hours and am loving it more every minute! To be honest,
I do not miss the 335Xi one bit! Yeah, the 335Xi is a hundred times
quicker, but the CR-Z gets me where I want to go quick enough.
It will also be nice paying $350 per month vs. $630 per month,
and the fewer trips to the gas station make it a no brainer. Only
thing I need now is the center armrest/console. Seems a bit expensive
at $300-350, but I think I am going to have to have it soon!
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