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My 2011 nav also doing the same thing. Stuck at 4:00pm. And resets the date to 2002 every time I start the car. Pretty ridiculous they never put a menu in to just set it yourself... Hopefully someone figures out the fix!!

I don’t see a fix from Honda in the near future. But I love this car and I do see a new radio with a link to my iPhone in my future.

Our are CRZ‘s with their many computer systems in them, I wonder if there are any other glitchy things that will just stop working because it’s an old car?
I hope not.
I wonder if it was a New Year glitch. My 2011 just did the same thing. Thinking about disconnecting the battery and then reconnecting it, then entering the reboot code you have to enter to see if that cures the problem. Thoughts or any other suggestions?
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