Hey All,

Clearing out some space, and I have a few parts to sell in case anyone is interested. They are listed below

(2) R18 Throttle Body - $50 each
(1) GE8 Intake Manifold - $150
(1) 20mm spacers - $50
(1) Skunk2 weighted shift knob - $40
(1) Stock CR-Z intake Manifold - $100
(1) Stock CR-Z Throttle Body - $40
(1) Stock CR-Z downpipe/second cat - $150
(1) JPD Rear spoiler (Premium white pearl on top/carbon fiber on underside) - $200

Let me know if you're interested. I can provide more info/pictures at request. Willing to ship as well, taking Paypal for payments.

Edit: Sorry for anyone I haven't replied to! Been busy and have forgotten to check here.