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Just today DHL delivered the goods. At first it didn't look good. The box was in... rough shape to say the least. However, inspecting the goods proved that they were intact upon arrival. DHL is really expensive too so this is still a little frustrating.
Wood Paper bag Shipping box Packing materials Carton

Normally the parts are boxed individually. But because of the size and massive expense to ship the parts exporter in Japan whom I use to procure these items decided to put all of the parts in the biggest box. Not a big deal.
Wood Building Triangle Material property Tints and shades

Got the front under spoiler out first. Still wrapped in that thin, foamy plastic wrap.
Tie Automotive exterior Composite material Flooring Rectangle

Man it's pretty.
Floor Wood Flooring Road surface Gas

Next, did the rear under spoiler. It looks like it was one piece, but it actually came separated.
Automotive tire Bumper Composite material Flooring Automotive exterior

Everything was in good shape. No scratches or cracks.
Hood Automotive tire Bicycle tire Bumper Automotive exterior

Last but not least, the aero illumination kit. This was technically supposed to be for the S660 and N-Van. But the parts list was so close I made the jump and ordered it too.
Packing materials Finger Package delivery Staple food Packaging and labeling

I opened it up to look at the LEDs and confirm my suspicions on if they'd really fit or not.
Product Material property Font Handwriting Packing materials

The LEDs look kinda unusual. Yes they're as they're pictured but still way different than I expected. They came bundled in pairs but I only plucked this one out of the plastic.
Tap Fluid Gas Plumbing fixture Solvent

On the front under spoiler, Mugen has conveniently already riveted the brackets for the Aero Illumination LEDs in place. I held these LEDs against the brackets to ensure they'd fit. And as I hoped the holes lined up perfectly!
Automotive lighting Door Water Vehicle door Auto part

If anybody has any further questions please drop them below. I will do my best to answer them or post more pictures if requested.
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